The medicine man of Rock Ridge, Flinz is probably the oldest person anyone on Athas has ever seen.


Beneath a brow that is so wrinkled and sunblasted it seems to be permanently furrowed the soft green eyes of the man known as Flinz sit. And watch.

The man is incredibly ancient by any race’s standards, let alone human’s. None seem to question his longevity, though. It’s almost as if everyone who meets him notes his age, but feels it would be impolite to comment on it. For his part, Flinz exercises a surprising vitality – particularly when the sick need tending to.

This strange predilection for helping people may be a rare jewel in the sands of Athas, but it is not one that just anybody can exploit. Flinz is as tough as a mekillot and the Longstrider League has learned that it is better to pay him what he wants than to try and haggle or intimidate him into practicing his mysterious arts.


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